6 Tips to Pack Light for a Weekend Getaway

With Labor Day weekend approaching quickly, it’s almost time to start packing for your weekend getaway. When it comes to packing for quick trips, there’s a general dilemma that’s all too common: you need to bring enough clothes for multiple scenarios, but you don’t want to haul an extensive wardrobe, especially with a potential baggage fee.

The key to success is learning to pack strategically. If you’re like us and tend to over-pack, we’ve compiled the best advice to help you pack as efficiently as possible for your next quick trip.

1. Stick to the essentials. Lay out everything you intend to take with you, then narrow it down to only want you need.

2. Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes. Bring an “all-purpose” pair of shoes that are comfortable, and then also an alternative pair for the special occasions you have planned.

3. Plan out your outfits. Pack only garments that can be color-coordinated with everything else in your travel wardrobe. If it doesn’t work in multiple outfits, leave it at home.

4. Fold wisely. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. If you haven’t tried this technique before, you’ll find by rolling your clothes, it minimizes wrinkles and maximizes space.

5. Don’t bring a coat. Look to wear layers instead of a bulky coat – try a light windbreaker, button down denim chambray shirt or shawl. In general, bring your clothing items that made of lighter fabrics. Besides, more layers mean more options for your wardrobe.

6. Use travel-sized toiletries. If you’re staying in a hotel, like the Ironworks Hotel for example, soap and shampoo will be provided. While this isn’t always the case, know you can purchase something you neglected to pack wherever you’re going.

While planning ahead for your Labor Day weekend fun, we hope the tips above will help you pack more efficiently. What are your tips for packing light? Tell us in the comments section below!