American Echoes: The Story Behind the Art Installation Coming to Ironworks Hotel Indy

The large American flag installation in the lobby of the luxury apartments at Ironworks at Keystone is more than just a beautiful piece of art – it is a true piece of American history.

Installation pieces like this one involve creating something from those very dies that were used every day, into a lasting memory of the industrial American spirit. The American flag installations grace all our Ironworks properties including the Ironworks Campus in Beloit, Ironworks Hotel Beloit , Ironworks at Keystone apartments and soon, the new Ironworks Hotel in Indianapolis. By using the industrial materials available, the flag echoes the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of Ironworks.

The flags were all created by Jim Spelman Visuals, Inc., located in the Beloit Ironworks complex. Each piece is a labor of love that takes months to create. From gathering the industrial dies, laying them all out in the appropriate pattern and hauling them to the creation space, Jim and his team focus on perfecting each detail of the intricate process.  

Once the stamps are laid, the washing and sealing, a six-week scrubbing and coating process, begins, followed by another month of sanding and stripping. The flag itself is constructed on tables specially built and able to hold upwards of five tons. The stamps are then color coded and intricately laid out on the table in the familiar stars and stripes fashion. After that, the overlaying and inlaying process begins – which means 100s of hours of precision and perfection. Spelman credited his team of creators, including his partner in the project, Meg Larkin, with putting in “hundreds of hours” in helping to create these pieces of art.

Visitors to the lobby of Ironworks at Keystone luxury apartments can see up close the work that went into that flag and, just a few steps away at the new Ironworks Hotel Indy, will soon be able to see a new flag piece in the shape of the United States.

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